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7. Fault tolerant mechanism

In the critical situation like search and rescue mission, incorrect location may results in a tragedy.
As long as coordinate is transferred from machine to machine, there is very little need for fault tolerant mechanism. However, it coordinate information goes through human, like telephone, walkie-talkie, radio, paper message, etc, there always is a possibility of “messaging game” type of error.

Some code has a structure that prevents or detect fault. SONY’s code has an extension that needs one more letter as a check digit. If code is input incorrectly, it detects invalid code. This is a same mechanism as that is used in bar-code, incase bar-code is dirty and miss-reading occurs.

LocaPoint and LP-Address have a different type of fault tolerant mechanism. They use cognitive psychology approach. They always have specific pattern (Alphabet, Alphabet, and Number) to create some kind of rhythm, to help brain’s cognition process easier. Brain is not good at random information, but very good at pattern recognition. It also prevents I-1 and O-0 mistake because position in format indicates number of alphabet. That minimizes human error in reading, listening, writing, or inputting.

Many of GEOCODEs are trying to eliminate these errors as possible. GeoPo, Microsoft compact text encoding, NAC are not using I and O to prevent usual I-1 and O-0 mistake.
NAC also prevent using bowel, since their ‘sounds’ confusing among languages.