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4. Affinity to IT system

4. Perspective Four: Affinity to IT system
There are two points to see its affinity to the information technology system. One is the radix base number of its notation.

Most code use higher number of base radix notation. For example, SONY’s code use 37th radix notation. However, it is not friendly for system and its engineers. LocaPoint uses 26th radix, too. Easiest notation is 2nd radix (known as Binary), 8th radix, 10th radix (known as Decimal notation or natural number), 16th radix(known as HEX decimal), 32nd radix, 64nd radix.
BINGEO(4th radix), GeoPo(64th radix), and Geohash(32nd radix) is also system friendly, because computer is binary.

The other point of affinity is an existence of aliquant part in calculation.
For example, LocaPoint has a resolution of 0.00000787787542452995343 degree in longitude. This makes aliquant part in most calculations, and may cause rounding error.
On the other hands, LP-Address has a resolution of 0.00001 degree, so it is convenient for calculation.
NAC Also used 30th radix, and this provide aliquot part in some calculations, because longitude degree is 360°bases.