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P-Code is a regional specific code developed by UN. P-Codes are reflects geographic coordinates, but reflects point of interests (POI) such as province or village.
Following explanation is fully cited from document “Place-Codes/Geo-Codes – Quick Guide:”

P-Codes for Afghanistan
The scheme was developed by a coalition of GIS experts and field officers from OCHA and other UN agencies to rapidly developing spatial data information for the Afghanistan humanitarian response activities of 2001.

P-Codes for Somalia
This code was endorsed by the Government of Somalia in 1986.

P-Codes for Darfur region of Sudan
The government of Sudan had no unique identifiers for villages available. The HIC-Darfur created a unique code as a temporary measure so that humanitarian actors could begin sharing their information. SD was used so that there would be no confusion with the p-codes already in use for south Sudan.