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N-Code is developed by NC project Inc, in Japan. This code is designed for child safety, and use only numbers that even children who does not learn English alphabet can read it code.
Divide into global area as follows. Please refer N-Code specification for initial dividing formula.

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Initial area is divided 100 by 100 area. This size is about 55 kilometer by 55 kilometer, so N-Code suggest use this code as an area code, so regional user does not have to handle this.

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In one area code, are divided into 1000 by 1000. It represents 5 meter by 5 meter area. If divided 10000 by 10000, it could be 0.5 meter precision. In this figure, code is 6A, 4288/471-530. But usually, 471-530 is enough for regional usage because other “471-530” points are farther than 50 kilometers.
Sample Code
6A, 4288/471-530 (Global Usage)
471-530 (Regional Usage)