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MapCode was developed by DENSO Corporation, one of a Toyota group company.

Divide Japanese Land into many square shapes. Divide each square into 30x30=900 sub-square areas, in three times. It shows about 30meters by 30 meters area with 10 digit of integer numbers. MapCode is mainly developed to use car navigation interface. Thus, precision is reduced to 30 meter range which is still useful for car navigation purpose, and shorten code length as short as possible.

MapCode also use a data table that assign smaller number for Tokyo and some major cities. It can show Tokyo’s location by only 6 numbers. In accurate, Tokyo’s number is like 0000123456, but you can say it like 123456. This method is a same as G-Code of video recording. G-code uses small number for frequently watched time and duration.

Currently, MapCode is the most successful GEOCODE because almost all car navigation system in Japan has a MapCode input interface. However, it is yet far from “de facto standard”.

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Sample Code:
586 005 (for Tokyo region)
1234 567 890 (Standard)
1234 567 890*12 (higher precision)