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LP -address (LocaPoint2)

LP -address (LocaPoint2)
LP-Address is based on LocaPoint, and improves system affinity. Minimum unit is exactly 0.00001 degree in both latitude and longitude for easier converting.

Difference between LocaPoint:
In LP-address, user can define ‘private’ code for any location, regardless geographic coordinates. For example, it can be used for ‘location’ in your shop, location of each floor of a building, relative location inside moving train, airplane, or ships, etc.
As long as code starts with “Z” and keep “AAN” rhythm, there is no limitation. It is like IP-address ‘192.168.0.xxx’ can be used as “local address’. However, you need to prepare your own encoder/decoder for your ‘private’ LP address.
Precision 1 unit step of code Letter Used License Custom code
LocaPoint 0.04m in lat.
0.08m in lon. 0.00000780202°
0.00000393901° A-Z,A-Z,0-9 for 0 to 6759 Patent Applied Forbidden
LP-Address 1.1m in both
Lat. and lon. 0,00001° A-X,A-Y,0-9 for 0 to 5999 Patent Opened Code start with “Z”
In LP-Address,
? An area code represents 0.06 degree by 0.06 degree area.
? A local code represents 0.00001 degree by 0.00001 degree area.

Sample Code