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Help to choose right GEOCODE for your purpose

What is GEOCODEs?

There are almost twenty coding system that represents geographic location. InWikipedia, they are introduces as
GEOCODE (Geographic entity object code). However, these codes do not even have a commonly-agreed
category name. Every inventor call them as different name “geo-code”, “location code”, “address code”, “place
code”, “universal address”, etc.. It is like ‘car’wasn’t common category name yet and everyone call it “motor
wagon”, “auto vehicle”, or whatever they want to call. In this report, I call them as “GEOCODE” in capital
I have to mention that, in generally speaking, the ward “geocode” means converting postal address to geographic
coordinates (latitude and longitude), and this is different from GEOOCDE in this report.
Anyway, every GEOCODEs are trying to make latitude and longitude (such as North35.12345, West135.12345)
into shorter or easier code as possible.